Video: Gang Starr feat. Big Shug – Glowing Mics (Founders Remix) [Prod. DJ Premier]

Video: Gang Starr feat. Big Shug - Glowing Mics (Founders Remix) [Prod. DJ Premier]

Last fall, after a sixteen-year hiatus in-between projects, DJ Premier set the music industry ablaze by announcing a new and historic Gang Starr album ‘One Of The Best Yet’. While his collaborator Guru had passed away ten-years prior, against all odds, Premier willed the album into existence and embarked on an emotional journey that had been years in the making. “I never lost faith, or wavered. I still felt it inside of me” Premier commented. “We all want the things we want right now, but I’m a patient guy. I hung in there and just kept believing.”

Meticulously crafted by DJ Premier, ‘One Of The Best Yet’ immediately resonated with critics and fans alike. There was no escaping its monumental impact culturally and on the charts.

While ‘One Of The Best Yet’ further cemented Gang Starr’s legacy and harkened you back to their seminal work of the past, just as importantly, it re-established their influence in a modern-day perspective; which their feature in the New York Times poignantly affirmed.

Forever a purist, and the embodiment of DJ culture, on the one-year anniversary of ‘One Of The Best Yet’, DJ Premier released the album in instrumental form; and he did so with a brand new Gang Starr single “Glowing Mic”. Today, Gang Starr reforms for the release of a new single, “Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)”, which also includes a new video. “Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)” also features Gang Starr foundation member Big Shug.

Though the chain and star of their iconic logo represent the ideological principles of Gang Starr; family and loyalty lays at the core of their essence and longevity; and as ‘One Of The Best Yet’, and “Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)” reveal, it’s still the backbone of the group. When it came time to record the remix for “Glowing Mics”, Premier didn’t have to look far for inspiration. “Simply hearing Guru doing the ‘Mr. Gang Starr’ hook on the original version, the fact that Guru and Shug are the founders of the name (Gang Starr) and the group” Premier acknowledged. “It made total sense for Shug to lay a verse about how the legacy is still preserved through us.”

Aside from the gift of new Gang Starr music and videos, one of the most captivating aspects has been watching Guru’s son, Keith Casim, take on a reprising role helping further his father’s legacy. KC has become an integral component and taken on a very active role in the Gang Starr legacy by appearing in both videos that have been released (“Family & Loyalty” featuring J Cole & “Bad Name”) from ‘One Of The Best Yet’ and for “Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)”.

I didn’t originally plan on doing a video for ‘Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)’. I had a conversation with KC about the remix featuring a Big Shug verse and he suggested that he and Shug’s son (Trumayne) pay homage to their fathers with their respective roles; and he convinced me to get a video done” DJ Premier conveyed. “This video was created because I loved KC’s idea for the visual and once the decision was made, I visualized Spice Adams picking up where we left off with the ‘Bad Name’ video and when I called him he was totally with it.”

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