Video: The Game Lets Slim Jesus Know What It Is

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Slim Jesus made headlines when his “Drill Time” video went viral. The 19-year-old from Hamilton, Ohio references killing people and brandishes guns in the song’s video.

Complex asked The Game about his thoughts on the rapper.

“I saw Slim Jesus and I thought he was cool,” the Compton, California rapper says. “I thought it was dope. I was like, ‘Shit, there’s a White boy with fucking guns and he’s ready to fucking kill shit.'”

Soon after “Drill Time” became popular, Slim Jesus told VladTV that he doesn’t really live the life that he raps about.

The Game says:

“I think that Slim Jesus either really be fucking killing or he’s gonna get his ass smoked. I worry about kids these days rapping about things that they’re not really about.”

Chicago rapper Lil Mouse released “Kill Time,” directing shots at Slim Jesus. Slim Jesus has said that one of his biggest influences is Chicago Drill music .

The Game says that people who do live the street lifestyle that is often gloried in Rap are not pleased with Slim Jesus’ false portrayal of violence.

“Sometimes I think it’s sad because lives can be lost when playing those games,” The Game says. “Be careful, Slim Jesus.”

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