Video: Friday Da 13th (@IAmFridayDa13th) feat. Hanz On (@HanzOnMusic) – Brought It On Yaself

Video: Friday Da 13th (@IAmFridayDa13th) feat. Hanz On (@HanzOnMusic) - Brought It On Yaself

Rhode Island rapper/producer on the rise Friday Da 13th is back with a new visual for his record, “Brought It On Yaself”, featuring Wu-Tang Clan affiliated artist Hanz On. The track is from his album ‘Heaven In My Headphones’ (available via iTunes | Spotify) which released in October 2017 via Hanz On Music Entertainment (Method Man) and is hosted by DJ Kay Slay.

About Friday Da 13th:
Always inspired by the struggle, this graffiti artist turned emcee/producer’s focus is to help uplift those who have endured similar tribulations, proving to them that it is possible to overcome the perils of poverty while maintaining a positive outlook on life. From Newport, Rhode Island’s “largest and most troubled public housing project,” to interning at Bad Boy Records, producing for Hanz On & Method Man (‘The Meth Lab’) as well as The Investigation Discovery Channel, and doing live sound for The President, Friday Da 13th has shown that no matter how humble your beginnings, if you set your goals high enough and believe in yourself nothing is unattainable.