Video: Frhetoric (@FrhetoricMusic) - Scandinavian Design

Video: Frhetoric (@FrhetoricMusic) - Scandinavian Design

Danish rapper & producer Frhetoric (a portmanteau of the name "Frederik" & the word "rhetoric") bridges the gap between mainstream & conscious hip-hop, by combining acerbic lyrics with fast-paced flows over dark, yet melodic instrumentals.

With an eclectic production style covering everything from boom bap & trap to D'n'B, dubstep, & EDM, Frhetoric has produced for artists such as London-based Leah Vee & up-and-coming Kiwi R&B artist Rawiri James.

Combining style with substance, 'Scandinavian Design' not only celebrates Frhetoric's Nordic heritage, but also touches on the theme of being an outsider. Poking fun at stereotypical materialism, Frhetoric holds a mirror up to a culture obsessed with victimhood & privilege-checking.

Heavy drums & driving synths form the backbone of the record, which also features more exotic instruments like Icelandic goat horns, Danish vocal samples, & roaring Viking chants. Watch the EP's title track "Scandanavian Design" below...

You can stream & cop the 'Scandanavian Design' EP via iTunes | Spotify