Video: Fousheé – By One (@FousheeLive)

Fousheé - By One [Music Video Thumbnail]

As Fousheé (fka Britanny Fousheé) preps the May 25th release of her long-awaited debut EP ‘Speak Up’, the alt-soul singer and instrumentalist shares the stunning new video for her single “By One” (which is available to stream & cop via SoundCloud | Spotify | Apple Music | Tidal).

“‘By One’ is, for the most part, about a frustrated lover. The video uses light and dark to portray the highs and lows of a relationship. The dark scene represents the hard times. The light represents the good times and a softer, more vulnerable side. Together they kind of meet and the middle and create a balance that’s needed to make a relationship work. I wanted to not only show the contrast of a relationship, but who I am as an artist, and the beauty in the balance of it all. I absolutely love the edginess of today’s fashion. I live for leather jackets, a glossy dark shadow, and silver chain accessories. On the other hand, there’s a side of me that identifies with the simplicity of draped white fabrics, natural curls, and pastel flowers.” –Fousheé

“By One” serves as the lead single from Fousheé’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Speak Up’, due out May 25th. The project covers topics like substance abuse, current race wars, situational friendships, and love.

Fousheé on May 16, 2018 [Press Photo]

The daughter of founding member and drummer of the all-female reggae band PEP (seen here at 1:15), Foushee spent the better part of her formative years soaking influences from Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Prince, The Beatles, and Toni Braxton.

As an artist today, Fousheé’s bold fusion of alternative rock, jazz, and r&b comprises her unique sound. In addition to studying with private vocal trainers as a child, Fousheé has studied media, classical music, background arranging, guitar, and piano. She acquired hands-on knowledge by performing with some of the most world renowned musicians in NYC. She currently keeps her musical chops sharp by studying and training with celebrity vocal trainer Craig Derry.

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