Video: Fortunato – Truth In Me

Video: Fortunato - Truth In Me

As the pandemic rages on, so does Fortunato with yet another addition to his ever-expanding library of music.

This time, he blesses us with visuals for the song–“Truth In Me”–from his album ‘Guiding Light In A Dying World‘.

Shot in Hamilton, Ontario during lockdown by director Patrick Younger, the video takes us on a visual journey through Fortunato’s past transgressions.

Video: Fortunato - Truth In Me

‘Truth In Me’ is a confession” says Fortunato. “I’m coming to terms with my past and embracing where I am today“.

The album is a collaborative project with Halifax producer Dirty Dane that brings a more mellow and soulful vibe than what we’re used to hearing from Fortunato.

I’m into Boom Bap and Lo-Fi and the whole Boom Bap revivalism that’s been going on” said Dane, “I heard Fortunato’s style and I thought he would be a perfect match“.

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