Video: Fortunato feat. Che Uno & Royce Birth – Man Myth Legend

Video: Fortunato feat. Che Uno & Royce Birth - Man Myth Legend

Toronto, Canada-based MC Fortunato releases his new single/video titled “Man Myth Legend” featuring Che Uno and Royce Birth (also on production), with cuts by DJ Matto. The track is taken from Fortunato’s and Birth’s ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ album, available at

Classic Hip-Hop cuts, knocking bass and drums drive the track along with intermittent trippy splashes, while Fortunato, Che Uno, and Royce Birth drop bars defining their man myth legend status. They see things clear, no blurred lines and can’t be phased, in fact it’s “time for the real to kneel before the Ra rebirth we first ahead of em all.”

Fortunato is deporting wack MC’s and sending them “home like an Uber or Lyft” after he splits their domes and leaves them “flatter than fry bread”…all while remaining “composed to make the most of his gift.”

The lyrical contagion displayed throughout the track supersedes any venomous bite or bullet. The video is shot in a subway with no gimmicks or distractions, just three emcees coming together to deliver an aggressively intense message…

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