Video: Fokis feat. Drive-By – The Switch Up

Video: Fokis feat. Drive-By - The Switch Up

“The Switch Up”, featuring German emcee Drive-By and produced by Franz Branntwein, is the 1st single from the upcoming ‘Seasons Change, People Too: The Experiment’ project by Fokis.

“The Switch Up” is a creative concept that has American emcee Fokis rapping in German and German emcee Drive-By rapping in English.

“I’ve been touring Germany since 2018 and have connected with the people really well and in the process I also learned a few basic words in German. One day I thought to myself, what if I wrote a verse and had a German rapper say it, and a German rapper wrote a verse for me, to say… so I reached out to my boy Drive-By with the idea and he was all in. It took him 20 minutes to record what I wrote for him and took me 8 hours to record what he wrote for me, but we got it done and had fun doing it.” –Fokis

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