Video: Florida Walmart Calls 911 On 4 Black Men For Walking Too Slow

Video: Florida Walmart Calls 911 On 4 Black Men For Walking Too Slow

Apparently, the officers who responded to a Pensacola, Florida, Walmart had little concern for whether or not they were filmed making a false arrest for “walking too slow” in a store.

The man in the video was arrested for nothing short of maintaining his right while he continued to legally shop. He had not violated any of the store’s policies, and Walmart’s corporate policy does not reserve the right to kick out shoppers, in stores open to the public, for any reason they deem fit.

That means that if you are not violating the law, or the policies the store maintains for shoppers, you are not trespassing in a Walmart. Thus, Walmart has become a haven for some of the most bizarre sights, sounds and even individuals, as evidenced on sites like “People of Walmart.”

But apparently, these four young men had gone “too far” by shopping “too slow” in the Walmart.

The police arrived on the scene, arrested them and even smashed the man’s smart phone on the ground. All of it was caught on video and the police didn’t care one bit.

As the men are being kicked out, not even allowed to ring up the items they were there to purchase, one of them shouts: “This is so racist!”

The cop even acknowledges: “Yeah, it is! Take off! TAKE OFF!”

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