#Video: Falling Feathers feat. Love X Stereo - Dancing Alone (@IAmFallFeathers @LoveXStereo)

#Video: Falling Feathers feat. Love X Stereo - Dancing Alone (@IAmFallFeathers @LoveXStereo)

Singapore-based pop artist Falling Feathers releases his brand new music video for his latest single “Dancing Alone”, a heart wrenching ballad featuring the vocals of Annie from South Korean duo, Love X Stereo. The music video was first premiered exclusively on MTV Asia both on-air and online on February 28, 2018 and saw a worldwide release on March 2, 2018 on his official YouTube channel.

Produced and directed by Falling Feathers with the help of Basil Tan (Niine, Bravepaper) as the Director of Photography, “Dancing Alone” boosts a different style of visual aesthetics as compared to Falling Feathers’ previous music videos. The effervescence of youth and euphoria found in his previous videos are replaced with a melancholic sense of loneliness and emptiness. This video features footage shot in South Korea as well as Singapore and also features various theme props like a gravestone and urn handmade by Falling Feathers and his team.

Falling Feathers says:

"This is my first time shooting parts of my MV overseas and it was an amazing experience indeed. And getting our hands dirty building our props from scratch with a great sense of DIY spirit is definitely one of my favorite parts of creating a music video.”

On the video treatment, Falling Feathers has this to say:

“‘Dancing Alone’ is a song about how we can feel so alone even though we may be surrounded by people we know. The music video depicts me as a ghost as I roam amongst friends without being seen or acknowledged. There are many issues in life that we have to face alone and hurdles only we can overcome. No matter how many friends surround us, we can still feel like a ghost and all alone, when we are expected to deal with these issues.”

“Dancing Alone” will be the third single before the release of Falling Feathers’ long awaited EP, 'Pipes Dreams', due for release later in the year. Apart from his previously released singles “Why So Serious” and “Hush”, the EP will also consist of two other brand new tracks.

Music Video Credits:
Produced and Directed by Falling Feathers
Director of Photography (Singapore Shots): Basil Tan
Camera Operator (Korea Shots): Hisham Tha MC
Colorist: Basil Tan
Final Edits and EFX: Iyaad Salleh
Props and Set: TY Zheng, Mike Spinks, Falling Feathers
Hair: Master Color by Hon G