Video: Ekelle - Slide

Video: Ekelle - Slide

Ekelle shares the '80s fitness themed visual for her new single "Slide".

Ekelle's new single ,"Slide", is one of those songs that go with everything.

You know, that one song you can work out to, dance to, and/or do anything else to.

Video: Ekelle - Slide

When asked about "Slide", Ekelle had this to say:

"I especially want my female listeners to know that it's okay to express their sensual desires for someone. Make that move!

You hear so many songs of the sexes putting each other down so I wanted to bring back the fun of looking forward to getting together. I couldn't be more excited for you to watch the '80s fitness themed music video for "Slide".

Think of that certain someone and send them a text to connect. We can't stay on dating apps forever. Slide into those DM's!"

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