Video: Eff Yoo (@OGEffYoo) – The Eff Word [Prod. @Rediculus | Dir. @LarroGreatness]

Video: Eff Yoo (@OGEffYoo) - The Eff Word [Prod. @Rediculus | Dir. @LarroGreatness]

Over the years, Queens has more than proven itself as a fertile breeding ground for Hip-Hop acts. It's no surprise, then, that a rising artist from the borough would want to show love to his stomping grounds. That's exactly what we have here with Eff Yoo's colorful new video for "The Eff Word", the brassy title track off his upcoming LP, produced entirely by Rediculus.

The video, which is directed by TP Hoople (Diabolic and Tabs, among others), and animated by Emma Mulligan, features Eff welcoming the viewer with open arms through Q-Boro in between a flurry of equally flashy rhymes and visual effects. As the rapper moves from one bar to the next, you'll surely pick up on his patterns as he focuses on specific letters (E, then F, and finally O) within each third of his verse. Through it all, Hoople's vision transforms an already-engaging track into a gripping, damn-near addictive set of visuals.

'The Eff Word' which includes guest features from Big Noyd, and The Audible Doctor, among others, will be available for download through all major digital retailers, and can be purchased on CD via Platformz Records on 4.21.2016!!! Copies are now available for pre-order through iTunes, where the album titled single is available for download as project's first 'instant grat' track.