Video: #Ebro Throws Temper-Tantrum On Air

Video: #Ebro Throws Temper-Tantrum On Air

Ebro Darden does not play when it comes to a caller's shenanigans during his Hot 97 show. An unidentified man called into the station to chop it up with co-host Laura Stylez, but when the man tripped on Peter Rosenberg, Ebro started trippin' back.

The listener expressed to Rosenberg:

"I ain't talking to you nigga. I'm talking to Laura Stylez".

Ebro responded:

"Shut the fuck up nigga. Come down here. I'll slap the shit out your bitch ass. Don't fucking call up here with that bullshit. You pussy ass nigga. What's wrong with you??? Don't call up here talking tough. Ain't nobody scared of you. Come down here nigga. Wassup???"

The caller eventually broke down & apologized for being disrespectful. Ebro later spoke on his behavior on Twitter.

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You can watch Ebro go from 0 to 100 on air below…