Video: Donald Glover & Rihanna Release “Guava Island” Trailer

Video: Donald Glover & Rihanna Release “Guava Island” Trailer

If you recall back in August, Donald Glover and Rihanna were spotted in Cuba shooting what looked to be a cinematic feature of some sort. Well, this past weekend, Glover finally teased the collaboration during his PHAROS Festival appearance in New Zealand!

The movie, titled “Guava Island,” follows the two music stars (who are portrayed as a couple) during a trip to Cuba. Things escalate when Glover is seen running through the island before eventually getting kidnapped and taken hostage. The Hiro Murai directed film – who directed Glover’s “This Is America” and “3005” – also called on Nonso Anonzie and Black Panther’s Letitia Wright to be a part of the film as well.

The film is also said to be credited to Glover’s alter ego: “A Childish Gambino Film. And for those who tuned into FX’s “Atlanta,” may recognize Hiro Murai’s name due to his contribution to the series as well.

We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here.”

Check out the trailer below.