Video: DJ Teck-Zilla (@TeckZilla108) feat. Phlow (@Phlowetry) – Go Hard (Bigger Than A Monster)

DJ Teck-Zilla - Go Hard (Bigger Than A Monster) [Track Artwork]

It’s a celebration of Hip-Hop culture in the energetic video for “Go Hard (Bigger Than A Monster)“, the brand-new single from Montreal-based, Nigerian producer Teck-Zilla & his frequent collaborator, the inimitable Phlow.

These two Str8Buttah artists have been dropping some serious heat over the past several years, and their work together only seems to get stronger with each subsequent release. Not only that, but they’re capable of switching up their styles while retaining what makes their music so damn dope in the first place: unquestionable talent paired with distinctive style.

It’s all on display in the “Go Hard (Bigger Than A Monster)” video shot by themythcreate, and edited by fellow Str8Buttah member Rcube, who blends visuals that were shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria during this year’s Red Bull-sponsored “Battle Of The Year” for breakdancers. As the b-boys kill it on stage, Phlow flaunts her skills on the mic over Teck’s boisterous production that features a crazy flip on the chorus.

Teck-Zilla is currently working on new projects and will be live in Ibiza, Spain (alongside famed South African House DJ, Black Coffee [who produced Drake’sGet It Together“]). Phlow is currently preparing her debut ‘Flux‘ after taking time off to work with the Hennessy VS Class 2017 rap auditions as a judge.