Video: DJ Khaled Tells Larry King That He’s The “Quincy Jones Of Hip Hop”

Video: DJ Khaled Tells Larry King That He's The "Quincy Jones Of Hip Hop"

If it has been difficult for you to exactly describe what DJ Khaled’s contribution are to his music Hip Hop, he is ready to help. During an interview with Larry King, DJ Khaled explains how he is the “Quincy Jones Of Hip Hop“, not visiting the Middle East in 30 years & more.

DJ Khaled has sold over 14 million singles & has contributed numerous hits. After informing Larry King that he does not rap, he does explains that he arranges the songwriters, the producers, & the artists. But, he compares himself to Berry Gordy & Quincy Jones for those qualities & what he considers “doing the Khaled“:

“I don’t sing, I don’t call it rap. I call it doing the Khaled. I might be on the hook, I might be on the intro. But at the end of the day it’s like how Quincy [Jones] would put together a record. Salute to Quincy Jones, icon. I’m like the Barry Gordy, the Quincy Jones of Hip Hop.”

Peep DJ Khaled’s full interview with Larry King below:

News source courtesy of AllHipHop!!!