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Video: DJ DX (@OfficialDJDX) feat. DJ Madden (@DJMadden201) – Shining Stars

Video: DJ DX (@OfficialDJDX) feat. DJ Madden (@DJMadden201) - Shining Stars regular DJ DX presents to you the Fernando Redondo-directed visual for his track “Shining Stars” that’s produced by Casiomusik, features frequent collaborator DJ Madden, & appears on his album ‘Made From Scratch‘ which you can stream & cop here on!!!

Shining Stars” Lyrics:

DJ DX [Verse One]

Dear dad i hope you glad,
from heaven i see you smiling,
look at your first born, he got away from doing violence
now i use my talent, some days is just a challenge,
but i remain the same in someways, i move in silence,
I’m honest, I’m Robert I’m real I’m not a fraud, I’m in the studio
all night long, making song after song, i put this rap shit
on my mom, i swear to God I’m a get on, to perform and rock
big crowds all night long, am i wrong or am i right? Show a sign
from the sky, my eyes done seen it all, I’ve done been through
every storm, I went from Belmont to Cator sleeping on concrete
floors, but I’m stronger and clever then ever, i can now rap better,
throw me any kind of letter, i’ll turn it into a hit, like a dope feen
on the corner trying catch a fix, one way or another, I’m on the road
to getting rich, and I’m done with selling clips and bricks, I’m here
to win

DJ DX [Verse Two]

Mom’a let me tell you how much i love you,
remember the past, when we slept on the floor
and didn’t have no cash, pops was locked up,
i didn’t have no dad, but I’m grateful even tho
times was bad, i commend you for staying strong,
you been through storms, you got off of drugs
and left the streets alone, a single parent trying
to raise 3 boys, in one home, no phone no cable
just a black and white TV, Keith left for Queens,
then i move in with nanny, uncle Gary held us down,
that’s what you call family, but understand me
through your trials and all your ups and downs,
God felt your pain and took away your cries,
that’s why i strive in this world that we live in,
it’s either jail or prison or locked behind a solid wall,
i can’t give up now, I’ve done, came to far, i was raised
a foul way, but y’all are my shining stars

DJ DX [Verse Three]

When you died i didn’t know what to do,
i was lost in the zoo, walking the streets
of New Jeruz, all alone, writing poems in my dome,
i didn’t even have a home, or a plate or a pillow,
i was crushed like ground zero, but I’m suppose to be a hero
to my entire generation, this might sound sacred, but
this whole world is wasted, through wars and manipulations,
politics is just designed to try to manipulate us,
I’m dangerous cuz I’m the latest rapper to keep it real,
and my heart is so concealed, but on the real
this is the way i feel, I grew up playing with crack,
all i knew was moving packs, the streets made me a felon,
i can vouch for that, but perhaps i didn’t have much coming up,
my pops was in a cell, and mother snorting coke, we was dead broke
we had bills to pay so i started pushing rock off of MLK!

DJ Madden

Rest in Peace to Daniel Burke, never forgotten!