Video: Divine Suns (@DivineSunsMusic) feat. DJ Prince Ice & Vere - We Beautiful People

Video: Divine Suns (@DivineSunsMusic) feat. DJ Prince Ice & Vere - We Beautiful People

Song Title: "We Beautiful People"
Artist: Divine Suns featuring DJ Prince Ice & Vere
Song produced by: Dan Johns
Video directed by: Dan Johns & The Hunch Punch Champ

For the People. By the People.

If God were an artist, he’d paint in vivid, dripping, & swirling colors. He’d embrace imperfection & find the beauty in our collective ugliness. He’d paint you in front of a mirror, admiring all your flaws, & embracing how they come together to create the picture of you. He’d sculpt you as a giant, towering over your piles of bills & stepping over your mountain of regrets. He’d hum blues tunes about the struggle & belt gospel songs about your triumph. He’d paint & sound just like you. He would look like us.

Fresh off the seamless debut album patchwork, 'Chaos Theory', and a sanguine visual for "Scarlet Letter"; Divine Suns return with "We Beautiful People", an homage to what is perfect within us all. Be advised: this really is a Movement.

The Suns are in rare form. Sporting their We Beautiful People t-shirts & b-boy swagger, the Suns trade bars in the W.A.L.L.S. & along Atlanta’s Beltline. Street art & graffiti cross-cut with scratches from South Carolina’s DJ Prince Ice fit perfectly with the song’s message & the video’s gentrified setting. Think the Humans Of New York blog set to a thumping bassline & sharp, introspective lyrics. Best of all--- they brought friends & family along for the ride.

The message should be clear. We are scarred. We are flawed. We’ve been branded; and yet, one thing remains true: "We Beautiful People". Even the intentional absence of “are” acts as an announcement (a la The Declaration of Independence). For the People by the People.

In preparation for their new album, 'inCOREporated', Divine Suns also present, an interactive website where fans can keep current with new releases & custom design their own We Beautiful People apparel.