Video: Detroit Stick-Up Kid That Only Robs White People Facing 25 Years In Prison

Video: Detroit Stick-Up Kid That Only Robs White People Facing 25 Years In Prison

A Detroit carjacker who was unable to flee in his newly stolen car because he didn't release the parking brake, told a witness not to worry about his safety because he only robs white people.

Brandon Lamar Williams, 24, selected two men inside a 2015 Ford Fusion as his victims Tuesday afternoon in the Rouge Park section of the city and approached with a gun in each hand, the FBI alleges in court documents obtained by The Detroit News.

He demanded they turn over an Apple Watch, two rings and a black bag. During the robbery he also pulled a gun on one of the victims and pulled the trigger three times but it did not fire, police said. He then pointed the gun at the other victim's neck and told him to get out of the car and leave the laptop.

Williams also allegedly struck the man in the face, breaking his nose, as he exited, police said.

Now in possession of the car he tried to make a getaway but couldn't because he forgot to release the parking brake.

A witness, who was unaware of the robbery, approached him to help out and the distracted thief pointed a gun at the good Samaritan.

The frightened man raised his arms in the air but Williams quickly calmed his fears.

"You good, I only rob white people," Williams told the man, according to the FBI.

And the incident only got worse for him.

Williams had parked a stolen Jeep Liberty nearby and decided to leave in the car he came in. But as he backed up he struck the Ford Fusion and was stuck in the median, the newspaper reports.

As a police car arrived Williams was able to free himself and drive off in the Jeep. But after speeding at 90 mph he caused an accident with another car. His vehicle rolled over multiple times and struck two utility poles, authorities said.

The suspect went flying from the Jeep and was covered in downed power lines, police said.

He now faces 25 years in prison for federal carjacking and firearm charges, the newspaper reports.