Video: Damon Dash Talks Why Looking Like You’re Losing Is The Way To Go

Video: Damon Dash Talks Why Looking Like You're Losing Is The Way To Go

Dame Dash sat down with Hip Hop Motivations and two-time welterweight champion Andre Berto to discuss the topic of giving away money. During the conversation, Dame addressed the idea of how difficult life situations, that could be perceived as a “loss,” can actually turn into a winning moment.

“This is why you also have to look like you lose for a minute, cause then you see who’s gonna look out for you,” said Dame. “The people that you helped, don’t help you usually when you need it. That’s what you learn when it looks like you’re down. You really get to see who’s there for you and who’s there to just make money off of you. That’s a win to me, because then you get to know who the f**k you shouldn’t be looking out for.”

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder has famously sparred with former friends over the topic of loyalty. Kanye West was one of Dash’s ex-associates that he recently took issue with for being disloyal. Dame called out Ye for not showing support to original Roc partner Kareem “Biggs” Burke since he has been incarcerated.

Watch Dame Dash’s interview in full below…

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