Video: @CriticalLenz » Lenz [Prod. @CapotalOfDTK]

Video: @CriticalLenz » Lenz [Prod. @CapotalOfDTK]

"Lenz" is Critical Lenz' first music video and second single off of his debut EP 'Optics' which you can cop below. Produced by Capotal & shot by Planting Soda Films. © 2013 DTK Entertainment.

Artist Biography: Critical Lenz is an aspiring rapper out of Queens, NY with aims to become a prominent, versatile, and household figure in rap. Lenz brings to the table witty lyrics along with a unique flow that ranges in topics from humorous quips, to commentary on human behavior and society today. Inspired by artists like Eminem, Flobots, Ab-Soul, and Macklemore (amongst many others), Lenz often intermingles experimental artistic ideas with cautious subtle punchlines. To Lenz, the art is a form of expression, connection, and relation. Though there are a variety of reasons as to why Lenz chose to pursue rap- the main goal in doing so was to change the repetitive and negative messages conveyed by those that choose to abuse the industry for fame and wealth. As an English Major at Queens College, his love for the language propelled him into a world where he is free to conjure up any concoction he wishes.

Lenz’ earliest dealings with rap date back to elementary school days where he’d write poetry expressing emotions he wasn’t confident enough to verbalize. Throughout his academic career, teachers endorsed his writing abilities, approved of his wit, and pushed him forward with fresh faith instilled in him. Lenz eventually adopted rap after his first encounters with Eminem CDs via his sisters. When he began rapping in eighth grade, it’s safe to say he was mediocre at best. Heavily influenced by the “Gangsta Era”, Lenz was tainted by the glorification of street life and aimed to imitate it. Only after attending high school in Jamaica, NY did he reach into himself and start honing his abilities by having friendly battles with classmates. He began to select topics that were meaningful to him and required a stronger voice or presence. He found himself, and is still looking to maintain his empowering, understanding approach.

Some key components that motivated Lenz thus far are: His extremely agonizing relationship with his parents, the custody war they endured, the many lies and secrets aimed to cover up faults (drug abuse, etc), his own lust for a better future (not only for himself), the turncoats that were unsupportive of his talent and music, and the urge to gain recognition for what he has worked for and continues to work for. Lenz hopes to acquire status and wealth, not only to live comfortably, but so he can contribute to incredible causes (cancer research, aids research, etc). Lastly, he hopes his music influences people in a positive light all while becoming a figure immortalized in rap for his capabilities and noble endeavors.

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