Video: Craig G & BigBob – Poke The Bear

Video: Craig G & BigBob - Poke The Bear

The expression "Poke The Bear" comes from the imagery of what would happen if you literally poked a bear.

Imagine finding a sleeping bear, that bear remains harmless if left alone.

However, if the bear was walked over, prodded, or poked and was woken, it would provoke the bear.

Esteemed and legendary emcee Craig G of the iconic hip hop group The Juice Crew, continues to flex his penmanship, delivery and originality on the latest video–"Poke The Bear"–from the recently released album 'The Pen Is Mightier'.

The visual direction captures dramatic and dangerous imagery intertwined with the lyrical wordplays, flow, and presence of Craig G.

The guitar heavy soundscape helmed by visionary producer BigBob.