Video: Cops Claim They Accidentally Killed Black Mother Of 5 In West Side Chicago

Video: Cops Claim They Accidentally Killed Black Mother Of 5 In West Side Chicago

The Fraternal Order of Police did not comment on Saturday's shootings, a departure from years of on-the-scene statements from organization spokesman Pat Camden. The practice, quietly ended a few months ago, has come under intense scrutiny since the McDonald video release. After that shooting, Camden told the media that the teen had lunged at police. The video contradicted that report.

An Emanuel spokesman said the mayor was in Cuba on a family vacation but was in touch with aides in Chicago. Emanuel issued a statement Saturday night saying, “Anytime an officer uses force the public deserves answers, and regardless of the circumstances we all grieve anytime there is a loss of life in our city.”

A prayer vigil is planned Sunday afternoon at the scene of the West Side shooting, which left relatives outraged.

“I want this investigation to be thorough. I want answers,” said Bettie Jones' cousin Evelyn Glover Jennings. “Her blood is crying out from the grave saying, ‘Evelyn, avenge me.'”

While police said little about the shooting, relatives of the victims had plenty to say.

LeGrier had struggled with mental health issues in recent months, had become agitated and was carrying a metal bat in his father's upstairs apartment, relatives said.

“His father was scared because that's not his character,” said LeGrier's mother, Janet Cooksey, 49, who was not present at the time of the shooting.

LeGrier's father told his neighbor Jones downstairs not to approach his son while watching for police, family members said.