Video: @CloverDaleRell » Rock City (#RCKCTY)

Video: @CloverDaleRell » Rock City (#RCKCTY)

Rapper CloverDale Rell is embracing his name from his neighborhood, CloverDale, where he grew up at. He lyrically takes you on a dynamic rollercoaster with visions of his city that he knows far too good. Clovi, Clove, or Rell depending on what day you catch him in traffic, gets straight to the business soon as the beat propels thru the speakers with lines like,

"Grew up under OGs soakin up game/Don't underestimate him even if he lame/Betta buy a pistol before you buy dat chain/If you whip it out better let that fucker flame"

So you can just sit back let all that soak in & you'll know why Rocky Mount, NC is ranked as one of America's most dangerous cities. CloverDale Rell is sure to reach the masses with this one & in due time the world will ultimately listen to whatever substance & awareness he's spitting.

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