Video: 'City Streets' By Saga (@Saga718) feat. Roc Marciano (@RocMarci)

MP3: 'City Streets' By Saga (@Saga718) feat. Roc Marciano (@RocMarci)

Many spots may claim that their streets are no joke, but Brooklyn holds the crown when it comes to birthing intelligent hustlers. It's a borough that has continued its "keep on taking it" ethos through its bevy of corner store soldiers and stick up kids.

While some play up the facade in order to flex and live a lifestyle that isn't theirs, Saga certainly isn't in that league. A street wise cat that you'd be a fool to test, he's the perfect mix of lyrical talent and tenacity, which makes him an ideal candidate to represent the "City Streets".

Alongside the always thorough Roc Marciano, the duo speak truth over a foreboding instrumental composed by, Marco Polo. Visually, the emphasis of light contrasted with the heavy, tones throughout the various scenes display the shifty dynamic of the Brooklyn streets.

"City Streets" is the debut leak taken from Saga's 'From Out Of The Shadows' FreEP, which is produced entirely by Marco Polo & set to drop on 3.31.2015…Stay tuned!!!