Video: @CircleOfRevenge » Full Movie [Starring @SnakeyManUK & @BoogieUK]

@CircleOfRevenge » Movie Trailer 2 [Starring @SnakeyManUK & @BoogieUK]

Based in the urban jungle of South London, a local gang split into two groups after Angles (Asa Harris) accuses Major (Aubrey Whyte) of snitching. Dishonor and betrayal spreads between them leading on to full-blown gang warfare. Increasingly motivated by revenge, the rivalry between the gang leaders spirals out of control. The violence escalates as local gangster Rosco (Lawrence Brown) return’s from his trip away and discovers who is responsible for his brother’s death causing even more trouble for the warring gang members. As the consequences become harsher, an irreversible cycle of revenge is set off with only one way to escape.

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