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Video: Charges Dropped Against Black Mississippi Family That Cheered @ Graduation

Mississippi family has reason to cheer again.

A school official has decided to drop charges against three people he alleged had disobeyed instructions to hold back cheers during a recent high school graduation ceremony.

For two weeks, the threat of arrest, hefty fines and possible jail time hung over the head of these family members in Senatobia, Mississippi.

School Superintendent Jay Foster offered little explanation for the change of heart, expressing as late as Friday an intention to follow through filing misdemeanor disturbing charges against those he felt had disrupted the order and decorum of the graduation ceremony.

The welcomed news comes a bit late for the accused as they’ve reported relentless harassment at work and on the internet.

“It gave me a bad name like I’m a hoodlum or like I’m a delinquent or something,” said Henry Walker.

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News source courtesy of TheGrio!!!