Video: Cassidy Says He Refuses To Battle Daylyt Because He's Gay

MP3: Cassidy (@Cassidy_Larsiny) feat. Various Philly Rappers » City Of Brotherly Slugs (Philly Anthem)

Cassidy is set to battle Dizaster later this year. But when the Philadelphia emcee was asked about possibly going against Diz's friend Daylyt, Cass expressed Day's recent comments about wanting to have sex with Diddy would be a deal-breaker for that bout.

During an interview with VladTV, Cassidy was shown footage of Daylyt saying he would "f**k the s**t outta Diddy." The "Hotel" performer was then asked if he would be open to battling Day.

"I don't wanna battle no gay n***a. I don't wanna battle no f****ts," said Cassidy.

The video then displays an edit, after which Cassidy changed his position. He then said he would consider battling Daylyt if the money is right.

"If the chicken right. After this battle, if he could double this chicken or triple this chicken - I might say if he could bring it to the table," added Cass. "It don't matter. Any n***a could get it. Most of these n***gas be gay on the low anyway... At the end of the day, it don't matter. You come in the ring, it's gonna go down the same way."

Watch Cassidy's interview below...

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