Video: CashFlow Harlem feat. Alonda Rich – Survivor (@CashFlowHarlem @AlondaRich @IAmCardiB)

Video: CashFlow Harlem feat. Alonda Rich - Survivor (@CashFlowHarlem @AlondaRich @IAmCardiB)

Becoming a successful artist in the music industry is quite a daunting task and with all difficult journeys, it takes a group effort and chance encounters. Such was the case with superstar Cardi B. Already a talent in her own right, Cardi’s musical strengths blossomed when she collaborated with one of her close friends, Cashflow Harlem. An artist who helped expand her visibility from a musical standpoint. Rewind back to the summer of 2015 and a rising artist by the name of Cashflow Harlem his meteoric rise in the digital space with a series of freestyles in his car. The clips became viral sensations and each weekly freestyle garnered views in the millions, thus making Cashflow Harlem a household name in Hip-Hop circles. Enter Cardi B and “Ladies vs Thots,” a freestyle-turned-song with accompanying visual starring Cardi B as both lady and thot. The video was an instant hit and put Cashflow on the road performing throughout the USA and abroad. The video has 30 million YouTube views to date.

In terms of digital notoriety, Cashflow Harlem and Cardi B were parallel at the time, leading Cardi to release her debut mixtape “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1,” which featured Cashflow. In the summer of 2016, Cardi B financed her own tour, “The Underestimated Tour,” and again included her friend Cashflow Harlem on the journey. Towards the end of the tour, Cashflow began experiencing unbearable soreness in his throat and ultimately decided to visit a doctor. “Cancer of the throat” were the words that were uttered. Shock and disbelief were the initial reactions but a proactive approach was needed right away. The option was to have surgery and immediately remove the cancerous tumor in his throat.

The risk was the uncertainty of how deep the doctors would have to cut during surgery and possibly losing his voice altogether or radiation treatment and keeping his voice but in an unknown capacity. Following 18 months of radiation treatment in a very delicate area of the body and working his way back to even speaking again, let alone regaining his rap voice, Cashflow Harlem is ready to give his project “Voice of Reason,” a boost with the release of the lead single “Survivor.” The record methodically articulates the pains of overcoming cancer and is more than a courageous salute to himself but to all those going through a battle of a lifetime.