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Video: @C_Rayz_Walz & Suncycle Generals – MLK: Dream Freedom

The immortal legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lives on through C-Rayz Walz & The Suncycle Generals (Apaulo Treed, L.I.F.E. Long, Young Sik The Gifted, & Elohem Star) with a new single which is produced by J-Hoff Sounds. There is not much more to say about Dr. King that hasn’t already been said but these emcees find a way to convey more respect & admiration for the original “Thug of Love” who overcame the Jim Crow America that was destroying Black life while the nation watched.

MLK is a representative of Peace, Justice, & Equality for ALL people not just displaced African kings & queens. MLK taught us to use our voices & hearts to heal the planet. We hope he can hear us… “Dream Freedom“!!!