Video: @BopAlloy (@IAmSubstantial @MarcusD) feat. Oma Pearl - Sketches Of Pain

Video: @BopAlloy (@IAmSubstantial @MarcusD) feat. Oma Pearl - Sketches Of Pain

Last year, Substantial & Marcus D (together known as Bop Alloy) released their critically acclaimed sophomore LP, 'Another Day In The Life Of...'. The album included the gem "Sketches Of Pain" featuring Jazz/Folk songstress Oma Pearl which Swiss animator Carlo-Roman Picaso recently brought to life with "A beautifully executed video that captures the essence of what the track is really about" says Marcus D. Carlo-Roman does a masterful job of stringing together images of police brutality, protest, various forms of mental & physical anguish with portraits of hope and perseverance.

Quote from the Director/Animator:

"The inspiration to create this video was to give the artists something back. Through my studies in Animation, at work and in my private life, I always listen to their music. Everything started with Nujabes. I watched the Anime series Samurai Champloo and as young animation artist it's natural to research who directed it and who did the soundtrack. I liked listening to Hip Hop and Jazz before and Nujabes had the perfect mix, so i started to follow his music and his collaborations with other Hip Hop artists like Substantial. After Nujabes died, I was very touched by his musician friends. This community is fantastic and I always wanted to be a small part of this nice community."

[MUSIC VIDEO] Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) - Sketches of Pain ft. Oma Pearl

In other news, Substantial has completed the next EP in a series of 3 leading up to his 4th solo album 'The Past Is Always Present In The Future'. 'Always [EP]' is entirely produced by Algorythm (The Stuyvesants) & features GRAMMY-nominated songstress Wayna, QN5 Music's el capitan Tonedeff, soul vocalist Deborah Bond, & Danish singer/songwriter Fjer. 'Always' drops 7.17.2015!!!

The first EP, 'The Past...', is out now via HiPNOTT Records!!!