Video: Bone Crusher Tells VladTV That Today’s Rap Is Leading To A ‘Race Of Retardation’

Video: Bone Crusher Tells VladTV That Today's Rap Is Leading To A 'Race Of Retardation'

Does today’s rap music stand up to the creative output of Hip Hop of the past??? That’s a question that has become a standard part of the discussion about the culture for years. Veteran Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher sat down with VladTV to talk about the current state of Hip Hop.

“We’re not being more creative. We’re now dumbing down. Once you start dumbing down something that needs to be creative, you start to lose,” stated Crusher. “People are starting to not even rap no more. They’re starting to mumble on songs… Now you’re getting a race of retardation.”

The conversation began with the “Never Scared” rapper being asked about white artists in Hip Hop. Grammy winner Macklemore’s name was brought up, and BC later responded to the Seattle-based rhymer’s success.

“You better get mad that Macklemore is winning, because Macklemore did exactly what he was supposed to do,” said Bone Crusher. “He just came in with a creative product that sounds good and he’s winning. You can’t get mad at him for that. You only get mad cause you didn’t do it.”

You can watch Bone Crusher’s interview with VladTV below…

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