Video: @BlueCinamon Presents Chee$e - Episode 1
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Video: @BlueCinamon Presents Chee$e – Episode 1

Season 1, Episode 1:Pilot

A young man comes up with a plan after news that he’s gotten a girl pregnant. After getting the news that he has gotten Rebecca pregnant, and his constant complaints about his small village, country boy Skimma (Akil Williams) embraces a new profession: the village pot supplier. And it quickly becomes evident that everyone wants what he’s selling — even local rastaman Oiris (Lou Lyons) — Skimma is faced with making some money to provide for his new child and keeping his new enterprise out of the reach of the law.

About “Chee$e“:

Chee$e” is directed by Damian Marcano, a native of Trinidad & Tobago. Marcano’s previous work includes “The Little Boy & The Ball“, “God Loves The Fighter“, & “Giants“. His work on the feature award-winning film “God Loves The Fighter” has racked up numerous prizes worldwide. “Chee$e” is a 10-episode season currently in production. As Marcano is in love with his local aesthetic, it is filmed on location, entirely in the Caribbean.