Video: @Blazin267Radio (@GrizzleeRadio) Interviews Petter Jones (@PetterJonesSKE) [8.27.2014]

Video: @Blazin267Radio (@GrizzleeRadio) Interviews Petter Jones (@PetterJonesSKE) [8.27.2014] 1

Petter Jones sat down with Grizzlee Radio & in Part 1 of this interview, he speaks on his new mixtape 'Super Saiyan' & taking time with his project.

Petter Jones (8.27.2014) [Photo Artwork 2]

While gaining a solid fanbase online as a new artist on the SKE Records, he speaks on new performances coming soon & much more.

**UPDATE** Petter Jones talks Adry Sawza, going to Spain in the future, & more in Part 2 of this interview...