Video: Black Twitter Roasts #JayZ & #Beyonce Over #Tidal Photo

Video: Black Twitter Roasts #JayZ & #Beyonce Over #Tidal Photo

Black Twitter never misses an opportunity to throw shade, and today the targets were Jay Z and Beyoncé. Social media users went in on the megastar couple for a photo Bey posted to her website of the two of them at Tidal headquarters in Norway.

In the pic, Jay and Bey are surrounded by what looks like dozens of Tidal staffers. No big deal, until someone (or, rather, a few dozen people) pointed out that all the employees are white. "Jay does a 'Pro-Black' freestyle but then releases a picture of #Tidal's all White staff," tweeted one critic, making reference to Jay's recent rant at his New York concert that the Black community hasn't been supportive enough of his music streaming service. "Jay tried to guilt trip us ... but his staff are all white," another wrote.

Jay-Z & Beyonce With The Tidal Staff

Tempting as it is to point a finger at hypocritical celebrities, Black Twitter may have jumped the gun on this one. Jay only completed his acquisition of the company in March, and probably hasn't gotten around to staff evaluations as yet — he's been pretty busy with just explaining what Tidal is to the public, after all. What's more, Norway's entire Black population adds up to a whopping 2%, meaning if you count the company's owners, Tidal's staff is pretty much representative of Norway's ethography overall.

For now, maybe Black Twitter can focus on Jay and Bey's accomplishments as business people and give them a chance to add a little diversity to their ranks.

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