Video: Big Lo (@BigLoHipHop) - Dystopia (Dream World)

Video: Big Lo (@BigLoHipHop) - Dystopia (Dream World) 2

Dystopia (Dream World)” is the first video from Big Lo’s upcoming EP 'The Amazing Luxurious Adventures of Baron von Lowenstein Esquire III'.

When asked to describe his yet-to-be released EP this video is supporting, Big Lo stated:

“‘The Amazing Luxurious Adventures’ effortlessly transports the listener to a vivid world of crime, debauchery, opulence, and socio-political commentary with a splash of dystopian philosophy. Equal parts nihilistic and hopeless romantic, 'Baron von Lowenstein Esquire III' demonstrates an evolution of storytelling that Hip Hop has yet to hear. Rap will never be the same...or will it?”

Big Lo - The Amazing Luxurious Adventures Of Baron Von Lowenstein Esquire III [EP Artwork]

You can give the music video for "Dystopia (Dream World)" below plus be on the lookout for the EP, which is dropping on 4.5.2016!!!