Video: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) – Coconut Oil

Video: Ben Ridley (@BenRidleyTNGR) - Coconut Oil

A week after teasing us with a short ambiguous video clip, Ben Ridley gives us his latest masterpiece “Coconut Oil” in full.

A brand new song accompanied by a super slick & glossy video, directed by Spacey Blak, the track is best described as a sensual, rap ballad, love song; in which Ridley tries to raise the confidence in a young love interest played by Portia Freno, who starred in Adam Deacon’sAnuvahood“.

Ridley says:

“It’s a song about a girl I knew, it’s me having fun visually, it’s me showing off my skills, it’s me wooing some new girls…”