Video: B. Howard feat. Van Ness Wu – We Are Champions

Video: B. Howard feat. Van Ness Wu - We Are Champions

With billions of people in isolation and quarantine globally, art is flourishing and songs like “We Are Champions”, are being written to unify and uplift spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stricken with an onslaught of emotions brought on by the pandemic, two award-winning singer-songwriters, B. Howard and Van Ness Wu, decided to record “We Are Champions”, to speak to the resilience of humanity and honor the personal sacrifices of those on the frontline! “‘We Are Champions’ celebrates people who are risking their own lives to save others,” shares Howard. “It’s one thing to be at home safely isolated from corona virus and it’s another to walk into the pandemic daily not knowing if your next patient will be your last.”

By coming together musically, Howard who is from the United States and Wu who is Chinese, also hope that their unified voices will shed light on another hurtful reality. “Our Asian brothers and sisters have become victims of profiling domestically. An experience that I as an African American know all too well,” shares Howard. “As we mourn the recent murder of Ahmaud Arbery and others who have been met with hostility and racism, we appeal to all with the message that we are in this together. We can overcome if we let the light within penetrate through the darkness of racial discrimination and profiling. Art has the power to unite and connect in times of crisis and we hope that ‘We Are Champions’ helps to turn fear, anxiety, and panic into hope and empowerment.”

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