Video: @AWholeNewIrving – Season 1, Episodes 1-4

A Whole New Irving [Web Series Artwork]

A Whole New Irving is a new dramedy web series by producer-director Terry Dawson (That’s So Raven, Six Feet Under) with production value rivaling your favorite Netflix series. Recommended for fans of Insecure, Atlanta, and Master of None.

The story centers on Irving, a typical young adult post college- undervalued, overwhelmed with bills, and struggling to find work that fits his “passion.” Despite his degree, he ends up working at a health food store in Venice Beach, embarking on a journey of spiritual enlightenment & self discovery to figure out his life.

Dawson wanted to share his own spiritual journey through a portrait of a young Black man we don’t often see represented in media. “Irving is not a rapper, baller, or a thug, but a college educated millennial ‘average joe’. His ‘normalcy’ is what makes him so relatable and realistic,” Dawson says. This past week, A Whole New Irving screened at the International Academy of Web Television Awards and won Best Lead Actor and Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy.

First episode was released June 16th, and so far 4 episodes of the 10 planned for Season 1 have been released with fundraising underway to complete the final episodes of the season.

Season 1, Episode 1:A Merchant In Venice?

Season 1, Episode 2:Jobless Wonder

Season 1, Episode 3:A Date With Destiny

Season 1, Episode 4:Mind Over Chatter