Video: August Alsina Throws Temper-Tantrum @NCMusicFactory [via @TheShadeRoom]

Video: @AugustAlsina Talks Ferguson & Overcoming Racism With @979TheBox [9.4.2014]

The argument was over the fact that the promoter wanted August to get on the microphone and acknowledge his fans. August told the promoter that he did not feel like it and he just wanted to chill and be laid back for the night. His response left a bitter taste in the promoter's mouth and almost immediately the promoter grabbed the mic to put August Alsina on blast in front of the entire club. The promoter said that he encountered very few Celebs who wouldn't at least acknowledge the fans on the mic during a paid appearance. August did end up getting on the mic, but only to curse out the promoter for putting him on blast!

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