Video: @ArleneJRamsey Speaks On Her Book ‘Newark’s Armadillo’ & How It Can Change Lives [@DashLiving]

Video: @ArleneJRamsey Speaks On Her Book 'Newark's Armadillo' & How It Can Change Lives [@DashLiving]

Watch as best-selling author Arlene J Ramsey talks about her book ‘Newark’s Armadillo‘ & how it can change lives!!!

This book is a true story about a little girl who has overcame every negative obstacle which has been thrown her way. From coping with coping with sexual molestation/sodomy and other physical and mental abuse by an uncle 8 years her senior to being bullied at school. Now, as an adult, the woman who speaks and relates to people from the hurt heart of a child is finding it hard to deal with people and is unable to have relationships with men. Also, the trials and tribulations of everyday life hasn’t made things easy for her to cope which caused her to hit rock bottom, struggle to find herself, realize who she is as a person and what will be or is her purpose in life. This book can change lives!!!

You can cop Arlene J Ramsey’s book ‘Newark’s Armadillo‘ on iTunes & Amazon!!!