Video: Are African-Americans Too Poor To Pay What It Costs To Get Out Of Jail???

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The United States seems to enjoy locking people up. Despite the nation only accounting for 5 percent of the world's population, America accounts for 25 percent of its prison population.

A new report published by The Vera Institute of Justice suggests, America is jailing more people even though the national crime rate is going down.

Nicolas Turner, president & director of the Vera Institute summed it up in the following quote:

"I observe injustice routinely. Nonetheless even I—as this report came together—was jolted by the extent to which unconvicted people in this country are held in jail simply because they are too poor to pay what it costs to get out."

Watch the video below for some startling statistics about the United States obsession with locking its own citizens up & the disproportionate numbers of African-Americans who get caught up in the prison industrial complex above.

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You can peep the full analysis of Vera Institute of Justice's report on & download the Vera Institute's incarceration report on!!!

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