Video: Announcement Trailer For 'Mortal Kombat XL' Game
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Video: Announcement Trailer For ‘Mortal Kombat XL’ Game

Mortal Kombat XL – Official Announcement Video Game Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis: Over twenty years after Shao Khan’s death, Raiden and his Earthrealm accomplices find themselves faced with a bigger threat: The fallen Elder God Shinnok. As Quan Chi resurfaces with his army of undead fighters, it’s up to Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Kenshi, and the rest of the older and newer Earthrealm defenders to stop Quan Chi before he can release Shinnok into Earthrealm and destroy the Elder Gods once and for all.

Starring: Troy Baker, Ronald M. Banks, Steve Blum
Writer/s: Brian Chard, Dominic Cianciolo, Jon Greenberg, John Vogel
Director: Dominic Cianciolo

Release Date: March 1, 2016
Copyright: © 2016 NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment