Video: The Amazing #NinaSimone – Documentary Trailer

Video: The Amazing #NinaSimone - Documentary Trailer

The Amazing Nina Simone – Official Documentary Trailer [HD]

Synopsis: With musical proclamations like “Mississippi Goddam” & an iconic style, Nina Simone was both loved & feared throughout the 1960s for her outspoken vision of Black Freedom. Today, Nina is more popular eleven years after her death than ever before.

President Barack Obama listed “Sinnerman” in his top 5 favorite songs, and whether re-mixed, re-sampled, or in its pure form, Nina’s music continues to empower people around the world with its unrelenting appeal for justice. With new insights into her musical journey from Classical music & the segregated South, the worlds of Jazz & Civil Rights, through her erratic behavior & self-exile, Nina’s legacy is chartered all the way to the place where she found freedom.

Writer/s: Jeff L. Lieberman
Director/s: Jeff L. Lieberman

Release Date: October 16, 2015
Copyright: © 2015 Re-Emerging Films