Video: @AllDefDigital Presents #DEFTalk With #YP aka #BackwoodJones (@YP27)

Video: @AllDefDigital Presents #DEFTalk With #YP aka #BackwoodJones (@YP27)

YP keeps it all the way real in this candid clip.

Eastside Chicago native YP, aka Backwood Jones, joins the ADD crew for an inspiring "#DefTalk".

"I've seen everything growing up; family members on dope...I've done buried a lot of friends, I've seen it all. So the fact that I've been blessed with a talent that allows me to travel the country, allows me to be here, allows me to do whatever I want to do; I'm completed, man."

He further elaborates on the idols who've influenced his career--namely HovNas--whom he admires for their lyrical storytelling ability, which is a prominent element in his own music. The emcee also shows his lighter-hearted side, as he jokes about his first freestyles, before speaking on the sorrowful experience of losing his infant son.

He closes his inspirational message by invoking his mantra:

"Bust a move, make your money, stay out of trouble."