Video: A-Plus & Knobody feat. Equipto & Mike Marshall – Been Loud (Roll Up)

Video: A-Plus & Knobody feat. Equipto & Mike Marshall - Been Loud (Roll Up)

Fresh off the release of their new project Grow Theory, A-Plus (Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief) and Knobody are back with a video for the track that features Equpito and Mike Marshall entitled “Been Loud (Roll Up)“.

This video is the first and only music video filmed in the infamous Harborside marijuana dispensary in Oakland. Joined by the Harborside staff in the video are owner Steve DeAngelo, an icon in cannabis rights and avocation, and blunt rolling champion Chris Ironchef. Also look out for a cameo from Hiero’s own Del The Funky Homosapien.

A Plus says:

“Knobody really knew where he wanted to go with the weed-song angle, and Been Loud came naturally to us. Then Kno, again with the great idea, said we should reach out too Equipto and Mike Marshall. We sent them the song, and they sent the chorus back quickly, we knew it was the perfect fit.

When it came time for the video, Harborside was generous enough to let us use their facility to shoot. We have a great working relationship with them, as they have been sponsors of our annual Hiero Day block party. So when you have an open door to such a legendary establishment, a super motivated and talented director like Stacy Rose willing to work with us, and a song like this, it was a no brainer to make happen.”

Directed by Stacy Rose

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