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V-Calibur was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan to a mother and father that were anything but parents. By the age of six years old he had experienced a lifetime of abuse and neglect. After the age of six when his father was murdered he hoped life would get better. Unfortunately this is when the sexual abuse, brow beating and neglect occurred all at the hands of what was supposed to be family.

Trying to escape this life the only place he had to turn was the streets where he fought continuously, and sold drugs until finally it all caught up with him and after being in and out of different programs he was sentenced to prison. Eight years later he was released a man that had a difficult road ahead of him.

His childhood still haunts him to this day and he has turned to his music to release it. His first album, ‘Listen 2 My Words Feel My Pain‘, is a short seven song compilation of what one week was like in his home. It deals with real life situations and hopefully it will help someone else that has gone through similar situations.
Listen 2 My Words Feel My Pain [Mixtape Tracklisting]
V-Calibur is still working and writing songs each day. His message is that of real life situations and how they can be dealt with. His new album ‘Street Intuition‘ will be ready for release summer of 2013.

Today, V-Calibur gives all praise and glory God the most omnipotent and Jesus Christ his son for allowing him to come to this point in life where he is today. He also gives thanks to his wife for being along his right-side through it all.

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