VannDigital Reviews Royal Clutch's (@RoyalClutchBK) 'DWNTWN n****z' EP
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VannDigital Reviews Royal Clutch’s (@RoyalClutchBK) ‘DWNTWN n****z’ EP

It has been a hot minute since I’ve done a project review on this website & today will be the day that changes. The project in question is from Brooklyn trio Royal Clutch, who make their debut with their EP ‘DWNTWN niGGaz‘. Without holding you up too long, let’s get right in.

I’m glad I haven’t heard any talk about New York Hip-Hop making a comeback in the longest time because ‘DWNTWN niGGaz‘ won’t be getting that accomplished. While this 9-track project was a good effort, I didn’t hear not 1 standout track on it. The fact that this EP has no traces of Trap music on it is a breath of fresh air. But every song on here sounds like every other song you hear when you turn on the radio the minute you get into your whip.

I feel like Royal Clutch sound leave the songs about females to other Brooklyn rappers such as Fabolous, who has this topic down to the science. Then there’s the drug raps which has been done by every artist out, at the moment, we can think of. While these topics have been done to death for at least over 10 years, I’m sure that this trio has talent somewhere. But unfortunately, the talent doesn’t come out on ‘DWNTWN niGGaz‘.

I can understand this trio focusing on the same 2 topics on this project as your average listener can connect with it without much effort plus there will always be an audience for it as past (and recent) evidence has shown. But hopefully Royal Clutch’s talent will come out on the next project as the world will always have a craving for good music, regardless of how much garbage is out there.