VannDigital Reviews Hulu Original Movie ‘Dead Asleep’

VannDigital Reviews Hulu Original Movie ‘Dead Asleep’

After years of doing album reviews, mixtape reviews, concert reviews, and EP reviews, we at The DigiSpot have decided to move in a different direction with our first movie review ever. The movie in question is the upcoming Hulu original documentary titled “Dead Asleep”. “Dead Asleep” focuses on the murder of Brooke Preston by her roommate, Randy Herman Jr., who was allegedly sleepwalking at the time it went down back in 2017. You can give what we found in said documentary a read below…

A big part of the focus of “Dead Asleep” was on Herman and his alleged sleepwalking that led to Preston being murdered in West Palm Beach, Florida. With that in mind, the film takes it all the way back to his upbringing in a small town in Pennsylvania called Wyalusing (which is 184 miles north of Philadelphia) where he grew up with Brooke and her sister, Jordan. In this particular scene, we get a better understanding of what might’ve drove Herman to off Preston as we notice there was no father in the home for the most part as he hauled ass when he was still a baby. That particular occurrence (as well as others) is more than likely what set it off for Herman. At some point in “Dead Asleep”, the hot button topic of toxic masculinity was brought up which is interesting as an online movement called “the manosphere” was starting to get off the ground around this time. Whether he was a part of that or not, we don’t know as the film didn’t get that far into that.

Another key part of the documentary was the fact that director Skye Borgman was able to get interviews with the Herman family which again helps the viewer get a better understanding of Randy became the person he became. As it was to our understanding that the Preston family had declined to be interviewed for “Dead Asleep”, the director had to rely on footage from social media as well as interrogation room cameras to get their point-of-view on this case. As well as the Herman family, friends of Brooke and Randy were able to give their perspectives on what might’ve led to said outcomes, keeping in mind Herman (who was also interviewed) is currently serving a life sentence in an undisclosed facility.

Like a regular movie, there was a twist in “Dead Asleep” that resulted in Herman’s sentencing to life in prison that you would have to watch for yourself to believe. With that outcome, both families still have to live with the horror stories that have come with said events. Our hearts go out to both the Herman and Preston families. The “Dead Asleep” documentary will be available to give a watch on Hulu tomorrow (12.16.2021).

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