VannDigital Reviews The Fatboy's (@ImTheFatBoy) Mixtape ‘B.A.R.S.’

The Fatboy - B.A.R.S.: Beats And Rhymes (Promo) [Mixtape Artwork]

After a string of singles here & there, The Fatboy fka F.A.T. is gearing up to release his upcoming mixtape ‘B.A.R.S. (Beats And Rhymes)’. In preparation for the project’s release, The DigiSpot shares its opinion on how the upcoming project went over with us. Now how did it go over with us??? Find out as you read along.

After giving airplay to singles such as “Live” & “Pipe Dream” last year, we were expecting more jawns such as the ones mentioned on this mixtape. But as we now live in a time-frame where versatility in music (regardless of genre) is a must, we didn’t get everything we want. But then again, who in life does??? But all in all, ‘B.A.R.S.’ is still an enjoyable project.

As I mention versatility being a must in music nowadays, certain tracks didn’t appeal to me but they are sure to appeal to others. While “Jet Black” pays homage to Black women (and I do love Black women with a passion myself), it’ll probably go over better with me if it was an R&B track as I’m not a fan of Rap/Hip-Hop songs centered on love & romance. “Light Green” & “Money Don’t Sleep” come across as your typical club bangers and no Rap/Hip-Hop project seems to be complete without at least 1 of these nowadays.

With the exception of a few tracks, ‘B.A.R.S.’ hits the mark with fans of real Hip-Hop. The project goes to show that there’s music listeners out here that still enjoy lyricism in Rap/Hip-Hop even with all the garbage in the air they attach to the Rap/Hip-Hop genre nowadays. Be on the lookout for ‘B.A.R.S. (Beats And Rhymes)’ – COMING SOON!!!